We want to make the world of connecting with each other online just a little bit easier.

About PhotosForTinder.com

Matching with someone you're going to like is already tough as it is, but when everyone has the exact same photos (ie. man holding a fish, woman holding wine, everyone wearing sunglasses), it makes it extra difficult to find someone you actually want to connect with.

This project aims to give people a fighting chance at matching with someone amazing. We empower people to look and feel their best online. You don't need to be a model to look amazing on camera. Lighting, composition, colours, posing, context and environment all play into taking a great photograph.

Trust us - everyone has a good side, and we can help find yours.

The project was founded by a group of friends with 10+ years of design, branding and photography experience. Truth be told, we actually launched this business on accident. But once we really noticed the clear problem guys and girls had with presenting themselves well online, we decided to make it our mission to help.

We want to make it easy for people to put their best face forward. We are not in the business of cat-fishing. We will not photoshop you to look like a different person. Trust us, everyone has a good side - and we can help you find yours.

Oh yeah - we're also not in the business of "helping guys get some". Our typical clientele are smart, funny and genuine individuals that just want to improve their experience with online dating - and we can help.

If we get creepy vibes during our consultation, we reserve the right to refuse your business.
Our goal is to help people find more genuine connections. Period.

Who we are.

We're a group of photographers, copywriters and marketers who are on a mission to improve the online dating experience by helping people showcase their best selves online. We've helped hundreds of clients immediately improve both the quantity and the quality of their matches by supercharging their profiles.We do this by figuring out all the awesome things you have to offer, and highlighting them in a visually stunning way. From your nice eyes to your sense of humour, we're experts at finding your good side.

Your photos will be charming, authentic and visually stunning. It's the easiest way to stand out from the crowd where bathroom selfies, group photos and awkwardly cropped photos are the norm. ​

You deserve to find someone awesome -- and we can help.

Upgrading your photos is the most effective way to improve your results with online dating.
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