Step #2

Book your shoot

Reserving your spot is 100% free. You don't pay until we lock in a date.

We’ve made the process super simple - just sign up using the form and we'll send you a link with our availability. That way you can pick a date/time that works best for you.

We'll also schedule a quick 15 minute call so we can discuss locations, outfits, expectations, etc. Once you're booked, you'll also receive a preparation check-list with tips for the shoot.

• Professional coaching on poses and expressions
• Tips & advice to optimize your profile
• Over 500 photos taken per session
• A private online gallery to view your photos
• World-class service and attention to detail
• 100% privacy guarantee

💡 Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

This is my first real photoshoot... I have no idea what I'm doing.

This is by far the most common thing we hear, which makes sense, because if you were a professional model with multiple shoots under your belt, you’d already have tons of photos to choose from. 😂

First off… don’t sweat it! We specialize in working with complete beginners. We're experts at coaching you through the entire process, from preparation to posing and everything in between.

We realize this can be nerve-wrecking, so we make the entire process dead simple. 👌

📝 Before the shoot:
A few days before your shoot, we send you a posing guide and all the information you need (time, location, what to bring, etc.). We'll also send you a quick 5 minute survey to help give us a better understanding of your goals, as well as ask some questions to help us build you a high-converting profile.

📸 The day of the shoot:
When we meet up, we also spend a few minutes chatting over coffee/tea to make sure you're relaxed and have everything you need to get the most out of your shoot.

When we start shooting, we'll coach you on the spot for poses, expressions, posture, etc. Don't worry, we aren't going to make you do any crazy model poses... in fact, we find relaxed and simple poses to be the most effective, and we'll make sure you nail each and every one.

💻 After the shoot:
When we wrap up, we'll upload all of the photos into a private web gallery for you to look over. You can take your time choosing the photos you want, and once you're done, we'll get started on editing them for tone/colour/contrast/etc.

A few days later, you'll get another email with a link to your finished photos, bio, etc. You'll also get a profile optimization guide so you can properly implement, test and measure the effectiveness of your new profile.

But I always look bad in photos!

That's probably because most of the photos you're in fall under one of these scenarios:

#1. Someone pulls out a camera at a party unexpectedly and says "squeeze together and take a photo!". How much time do you have to prepare for that? Where do you look? What do you do? You're caught off guard and put an awkward smile on your face as you try your best not to move. That's a recipe for disaster.

You try to take some decent photos of yourself at home. Maybe you try to rest your phone against something and use the self-timer, quickly running to pose before the 5 second timer runs out. It ends up looking super unnatural, so that's not going to work either.

You try to take a selfie, but the front-facing camera makes your face look distorted. Maybe you take a mirror selfie instead? Ugh, now you're that person... and the photos still don't look great.

Let us be clear - everyone has a good side, and we're really, really good at finding it.

Here's what's different with our approach.
- We know what types of photos work well, and which don't. No more guessing.
- We use ridiculously high-spec camera gear that is specifically designed for high-quality portraits.
- We take you to locations that look amazing and eye-catching on camera.
- We include you in the planning and preparation to make sure you're well prepared.
- We take our time to make sure you're relaxed.
- We coach you through the poses/expressions that make you look confident.

Your photos will stand out in the Tinder feed and make you look amazing, since they'll showcase all your best assets in a genuine way. In fact, we've often had clients re-book us for future shoots because they loved how their photos turned out.

What should I wear / what should I bring?

You have free rein over what outfits you want to wear, but we'll recommend a few outfits that tend to translate well for online dating portraits.

Date Night: An outfit you would wear on a first date. Aim for a decent button up shirt and dark jeans. Nothing overly dressy. Don't wear a suit unless a) it's perfectly tailored and b) you typically wear a suit.

Friday Vibes: What would you wear to go out to the bar with your friends? We’re going for Friday evening vibes here. Sweaters, cardigans or a light jacket could also work well. If you have a casual outfit that is a little more fashionable, wear that.

Totally Casual: A t-shirt is perfectly acceptable for this one. Think what you would wear on a Saturday while running some errands. The goal with this one is to look like an outfit you wouldn't wear to a photoshoot, so it looks more candid.

Bringing something extra...
Some of our clients have extra-curricular activities in their life that are really important to them (such as boxing, musician, lacrosse, aviation, etc.). In some rare cases, we've asked those clients to bring certain elements of those activities as background props for the shoot.

However.. sometimes these "props" can work really well, but sometimes they just don't work at all. If you're considering bringing an extra prop, such as a guitar, please let us know and we'll give you our recommendation.

If you’re going to get a haircut, try to get it at least 2-3 days in advance. In some cases, skipping the haircut all together might be better, as hair usually takes a few days to ‘fill in’ from a fresh cut.

Where will the photoshoot take place? What locations?

It all depends on the vibe you're going for, and the people you're trying to attract!

- Do you want something trendy, or "urban lifestyle" like a coffee shop?
- Or do you want something a bit more business/industrial?
- Do you want something a bit more urban, grungy, perhaps interesting art in the background?

We have a number of areas and locations that we can bring our client to that are both visually interesting and help tell the story of who you are and what you're about.

Where do we go for outfit changes?

Great question! 

Since most outfit changes consist of changing the shirt only, we'll actually do these outfit changes on a side-street or in an alley. If you want a little more privacy, or want a mirror to fix your hair, we just jump into a local coffee shop and use the restroom. We've done this multiple times and have never had an issue!

Do you retouch, or 'photoshop' the photos?

We professionally correct every single photo for tone, colour, contrast, style and "vibe". Your photos will look visually stunning and "insta-worthy". We also correct basic blemishes/pimples to make sure you look your best.

What we do not do is edit your face or body in a way that is misleading or misrepresenting (aka make your nose smaller, give you a six pack, photoshop more hair on you).

With that being said, if you have certain parts of your body that you're not super thrilled with, you can let us know before the shoot and we can minimize those aspects and put focus on your other attributes instead.

ie. Are you self-conscious about your chin? We can find the angles that make it look more chiselled.

As we said, everyone has a good side, just as everyone has an unflattering side. We'll work with you to find the angles and poses that highlight all your best attributes in a way that's authentic and real.

Do you offer styling / outfits / personal shopping?

We don't offer that specifically, but we've worked in tandem with personal stylists for both men and women and the results have been spectacular. If this is something that you're interested in, let us know and we'll make some recommendations that fit your budget!