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Reserving your spot is 100% free. You don't pay until we lock in a date.

We’ve made the process super simple - just sign up using the form and we'll give you a link with our current availability. That way you can pick a date/time for your shoot that works best for you.

We'll also schedule a quick 15 minute call so we can discuss locations, outfits, expectations, etc. Once you're booked, you'll also receive a preparation check-list with tips for the shoot.

• Professional coaching on poses and expressions
• Tips & advice to optimize your profile
• Over 500 photos taken per session
• A private online gallery to view your photos
• World-class service and attention to detail
• 100% privacy guarantee

💡 Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below!

How exactly can this service help me?

How can better photos help me with online dating?

Most dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, (and the plethora of others) are visual-first platforms. That means that your profile photo is the first and most important thing that people will see.

Most people make their swiping decisions in less than 6.2 seconds... that means your first impression is absolutely crucial. On apps like Tinder, most people are forced to judge a book by it's cover, meaning your photos will often make or break your profile.

Having a well-crafted profile with authentic, stunning photos is by far the quickest and most effective way to increase your matches and connect with more people. The effects are immediate and substantial.

Here are a few ways good photos can increase your success online:

  • Instantly stand out from the crowd of bathroom selfies
  • Communicate your charisma, confidence and energy instantly
  • Demonstrate your self-awareness and self-worth
  • Show off your best features (like your eyes or devilish smile)
  • Immediately communicate your unique vibe or sense of style

What if I'm using other apps (like Bumble, Hinge,, etc.)?

Fear not! A great photo is a great photo, regardless of the platform.

Your photos will work equally as well on any dating apps, including Bumble, Hinge,, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plenty of Fish, Eharmony and more.

In fact, most clients love their photos so much they'll also use them on apps like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or their own personal websites!

You get unlimited global usage rights to the photos, so you can use them wherever you want.

What style of photos/portraits do you take?

We've tested many different types of portraits and the style we keep coming back to is candid/lifestyle.

While traditional portraits or headshots can still give you a leg up from low-quality phone photos, the best way to maximize your matches is with photos that don't look too over the top/professional. Our testing data backs us up here. Let us explain.

You know when you see a celebrity on a magazine and they look almost too perfect? That's because on big fancy photoshoots there's typically lot of artificial lighting and airbrushing going on. This makes the person look great, but the resulting look is very artificial, so we don't believe it.

When it comes to your photos, you want them to look great but also look real/authentic/believable.

It shouldn't look like you paid someone for a photoshoot. Instead it should look like you just happened to be out on the town, looking your very best, wearing your best clothes with a nice natural expression on your face... and your photographer friend with the $6000 camera just happened to snap a photo of you.

Think candid, natural and organic (instead of posed, forced and airbrushed). Your new photos will be slightly edited for tone/color/style and you yourself will look fantastic - just not in a cheesy sorta way. Our data backs us up here, too. Candid photos simply work better than staged/posted photos on Tinder.

How do you know what kinds of photos work best?

When we first started this initiative we had no idea what we were doing. "Our clients just need good photos, right? Easy! Any photographer can do that!".

Over time we learned that it's really not that simple. Certain approaches and photography styles work way better than others, while other styles can actually hurt your success on Tinder. Here's how we're constantly learning what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to photos for online dating.

Testing & Optimization Framework
Our background is in digital marketing so we have a decent amount of experience in testing & optimization. That's why we give every client a testing & optimization framework to follow along with their photos. Most dating apps don't have rich analytics built in, so this framework is the closest thing we have to scientifically testing your photos with minimal variables.

After 6 weeks we follow up with our clients to learn what worked, what didn't and exactly which photo got the highest number of matches. We look for trends using variables poses, editing styles, backgrounds and facial expressions to learn what works (and what doesn't). We've gained a ton of insight from this and even picked up a few tricks to help sell the candid nature of our photos.

We've Hired Panels of People
What happens when you bring together people from different ages, races, backgrounds and genders to talk about their online dating preferences? You learn, a lot. Some things really surprised us, like the fact that most guys prefer photos where they look "cool" or "badass"... and how most women on the panel found those same photos to be "lame" and "try-hard".

We've tested LOTS of photos on sites like
This is an effective method to get more general insights, but it has a few caveats. The first is that the audience is distributed across the globe. This is a challenge as people from city to city tend to have different swiping preferences and biases. We prefer to gather data locally in each city to get a better understanding of what actually works in your geographic area.

So... exactly what kinds of photos work best on Tinder?!

I wish we could tell you that there's some secret tactic, strategy, pose or editing style that will guarantee you all the matches in the world, but... that's just not how this all works.

There is no bulletproof or guaranteed strategy, so please don't let anyone tell you there is. And while there's no surefire way to get 100x more matches, there are certain things we've figured out that will almost always improve your match ratio, including:

• Confidence is extremely attractive, regardless of age, race or gender
• Natural smiles and laughing photos get more matches every single time we test them
• Positivity and happiness when conveyed in a photo makes people feel at ease and trusting
• Candid photos work really, really well because they show you in a more natural and relaxed state
• Authenticity.
This is a big one and it's kind of hard to explain - but don't try to be something you're not

As long as we cover these bases, you're bound to see positive results. We'll intuitively guide you on the other elements (poses, editing styles, backgrounds) based on what you're wearing, your personality and individual style.

Is this service right for me?

What if I've never had a photoshoot before?

First off, don't sweat it! We're experts at working with beginners.

In fact, 95% of our clients have never had a single photoshoot before. This is new territory for you. The thought of hiring a photographer for your own personal shoot might seem a little crazy at first. We get it.

But there's nothing to be nervous about. In fact, as much as you might initially dread the idea of getting photographed, most of our clients end up having an absolute blast during our shoot.

We'll coach you through everything. We'll give you guidance on what kinds of outfits to wear, how to pose, what to do with your hands and how to show your confidence and charisma.

Don't worry, we're not going to ask you to do any crazy catwalk type stuff. We go for real and authentic photos that don't look overly staged. If you can do things like stand with your hand in your pocket, or hold a coffee cup, you'll be just fine during the photoshoot.

What if I hate getting my photos taken? 

Then you're a part of the 95% club. We all hate getting our photos taken. It's awkward. We get it.

But we'll make it easy. Our "superpower" is being able to consistently break people out of their shells. We promise you... your photoshoot is going to be a lot of fun, even if you're dreading it. Most clients leave us feedback before they even see the photos telling us how enjoyable the whole experience was.

We'll show you an awesome time, tell you jokes and make you feel at ease. Before you know it you'll be smiling and laughing organically without us having to say "smile for the camera".

Why work with vs. a traditional photographer?

Simply put, this is what we do.

We realize the difference between a "nice photo" and a high-converting photo. We're constantly improving our strategy and approach in order to get you better results.

We're not photographing weddings, engagements, pets and kids. We're not photographing real estate and landscapes. We specialize in photographing individuals, often those who are complete beginners who have never had a photoshoot before.

When we pick up the camera, we have a single objective in mind - help our clients communicate their confidence, charisma and zest for life. Highlight their best attributes in an real, authentic and desirable way. Your goals become our goals. Your wins become our wins. We're in this to see you succeed.

That's why you should work with us.

I'm divorced/reitred - is this still a good fit for me?

Yes and Yes.

If you're recently divorced there's a good chance that the last few years of photos were taken either with or by your ex. (p.s. please don't use photos with your ex awkwardly cropped out). They were taken on vacations where you maybe got a little bit too much sun, hikes where you're probably wearing sunglasses or during family photo sessions with your kids nearby.

You need amazing photos of you (and only you).

The dating game is much, much different today than it was even five years ago. Chances are you might be new to this whole online dating thing. It can be a scary thing to jump back into, but it can also be a fun and exciting adventure that gives you a new lease on life. We can help point you in the right direction, teach you the things we've picked up and learned over time and get you set up for success.

We can help you out, wherever you're at in your life journey.

How does this whole process work?

What cities is currently operating in?

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How does the booking process work?

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What kind of onboarding info will I receive after I sign up?

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How does payment work?

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What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule?

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Who chooses the photos?

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Can I keep the RAW files?

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How long does it take for the edited photos to be delivered?

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How do the photoshoots work?

Where do the photoshoots actually take place?

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What if it's terrible weather? (ie. heavy rain, snow, sleet, etc.)

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Where do we do outfit changes?

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But if it's in public... what if people see me or stare at me during the shoot?

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What outfits or accessories should I bring?

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I'm nervous - is there anything else I can do to prepare?

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Who are the photographers?

Who will be photographing me?

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How do you hire/vet your photographers?

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How do the photographers maintain consistent results?

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What cities are your photographers currently in?

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What are your policies/terms/protocols?

Do you have a safety protocol for COVID-19?

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What if I need to cancel/reschedule my shoot?

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Where will my photos be used? 

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What kind of license/usage rights will I receive with the images?

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