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Online Dating Photographer in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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Hey, I'm the Founder of PhotosForTinder.com. 👋 I typically work out of Victoria, BC and occasionally work in Vancouver as well.

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Downtown Victoria, BC

About my background:

I've been a photographer for 10+ years, but I really found my love for taking portraits in 2018.

What I love about photography for dating profiles:

I never dreamed of owning a dating profile photography company. But as soon as I worked with my first few clients, I knew this was something that was really needed.

Most guys don't have a single photo of themselves that they love. In fact, the majority of my clients say they "hate photos of themselves" or that they're not photogenic. But that's simply not true, everyone has a good side, you just haven't worked with a photographer that's been willing to find yours yet.

I specialize in working with total beginners who have never had a photoshoot before. I coach them on the best poses and expressions to bring off their personality and showcase their confidence. The best part? It's never as difficult as they think it'll be. I get to help regular, everyday men and women look like rockstars in their photos. I really do feel like I have the best job in the world.

Fave spot in Victoria, BC for portraits:

There are so many scenic areas in Victoria to take portraits, but downtown takes the cake. You get a mix of cool coffee shops, interesting architecture, business buildings, graffiti alleyways, restaurants, bars and of course the waterfront.

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"Blown away"

(...) Just wanted to extend my gratitude for Saturday. You did a hell of a job making me feel comfortable throughout the whole thing and took extra time to fit in the session. (...) Bro holy shit. I thought you were a photographer dude, not a magician. Blown away man, speechless. My match rate has gone up by like 10,000% already.

Yasir K.
"Changed my life"

Thanks to your photos, last July I found someone who blew my mind. I cannot thank you enough... Just wanted to let you know that what you do changed my life in ways I could have never imagined even in my wildest dreams. Wish you all the best! 

Dmytro R.
"Day one. 41 likes, 12 matches."

Bumble. Day one. 41 likes, 12 matches. (...) This is beyond what I imagined. This will completely change the game for me.

Bill F.
"51 likes on Tinder and 37 on Bumble"

Just a small update from me. Since creating my Tinder and Bumble profiles I've had 51 likes on Tinder and 37 on Bumble. (...) At no point in history of using any dating apps have I ever seen numbers above 10 likes over a month or more. So this is completely foreign territory for me. Your photos really are working!

Alex. F
"Beyond expectations!"

So just wanted to share... 19 new likes since this morning... Dude beyond expectations! Thank you so much!

Emre S.
"This has been a great experience"

Meeting Justin was great and the photos are exactly what I need for my business and for dating. Meeting with Kimberly Hill was a great experience as well, and I decided to hire her for a three month period we agreed to stretch over five months. This has been a great experience and made me realize I need to wear my glasses less and that I need to think bigger in my business - just because I look like a celebrity in the shots :) Thanks so much for all of it.

Shannon S.
Victoria, British Columbia
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Shooting Location

We'll meet at a coffee shop in Chinatown and work our way around the area.

Downtown, Victoria BC

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