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Dating Photographer in San Francisco, CA.

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I live and shoot primarily in San Francisco. My specialty is shooting portraits (specifically for online dating and personal brand building). I aim to make every shoot fun, enjoyable and stress-free.

Languages Spoken: 
English, Russian
Area of Town: 
Mission District

About my background:

I relocated to the US 6 years ago from Russia. Since then, I've focused my time and energy on building my skillset as a photographer. I used to shoot all types of content, but I soon discovered my hidden skillset was photographing people.

In order to get a good photo of someone you have to connect with them. It's not just about the camera; it's about building a friendship so I can make you smile, laugh and let your guard down so we can capture stunning candid photos. My ability to connect with people is what sets me apart from other photographers.

What I love about photography for dating profiles:

I love being able to make regular people look incredible on-camera. I used to work with a modelling agency, so I can even help you to pose like a pro even if you've never had a photoshoot done before.

I want to make this a stress-free experience for you. I recommend bringing a few extra changes of clothes, so I can help you pick the outfits that will work best. We'll take care of all the planning and organization of everything so all you need to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

It doesn't matter are you're looking for more "right swipes" or to find the love of your live; having stunning pictures will make a world of difference. I love helping my clients get the best possible photos for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or any other dating app you might be using.

Favorite area of San Francisco for shooting portraits:

My favorite area of town to shoot portraits is definitely the Mission District. We'll start our shoot by meeting at Stable Cafe; one of my favorite coffee shops. This idyllic location has big windows with lots of natural light. They also have a huge backyard that we can utilize (depending on how busy it is).

From there we'll make our way around the Mission District since there's so many unique backdrops, buildings, art, architecture and interesting sights that we can incorporate into your photos.

My goal is to give you as many diverse photos as possible, so you have a range of photos for your profile.

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San Francisco, California
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Shooting Location

We'll meet at Stable Cafe and work our way around the Mission District.

Stable Cafe, 2128 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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