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Dating Photographer in Houston, Texas.

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Hey there, I'm a photographer based in Houston, TX and I'm here to help you take the best photos for dating apps!

I never thought I'd be an online dating photographer, but after helping my friends spruce up their dating pics in the past I figured that I would begin helping other people improve their dating profiles.

Most of my friends and clients have never been in front of the camera before so I've got plenty of experience in guiding and coaching beginners.

Languages Spoken: 
English, Vietnamese
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About my background:

I picked up my first camera way back in 2008 to document my backpacking trips. I started shooting mainly landscapes and progressed to shooting portraits after I got a lot of positive feedback from taking candid portraits of my friends during those trips. I like to think of myself as a Profile Picture Provider, if you will.

What I love about photography for dating profiles:

It's no secret that profile pictures are the first thing that people look at, so you want to make sure to have some great ones. I pride myself on helping people relax and be themselves in front of the camera and this always leads to some awesome photos that will hopefully connect them with the right person for them. It truly makes me happy to see my clients love the pictures that I take for them.

Favorite location in Houston for portraits:

I love shooting in the area near Main Street in downtown Houston because of the variety of backdrops that the colorful storefronts and interesting architecture provides. We would start at Day 6 Coffee and make our way down Main Street.

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Houston, Texas
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Shooting Location

We would start at Day 6 Coffee and make our way down Main Street.

Day 6 Coffee Co, 910 Prairie St Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002

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