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Dating Photographer in San Diego, CA.

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My name is Ramzi and I am a 26 year old photographer based in San Diego, California. I come from a multicultural background with my mom being American and my dad coming from Lebanon.

I grew up on the East coast but moved to Beirut at around 14. From there, I continued to complete my Bachelor's degree in Communications at a university in Rome, Italy. I do love to travel and meet people from all walks of life, and of course my camera is always with me for that.

Languages Spoken: 
English, Arabic, some Italian
Area of Town: 
North Park

About my background:

I first picked up a camera back in 2011 while attending high school in Beirut, Lebanon. I remember my teacher back then had a big influence on me and encouraged me to continue practicing.

My passion for photography really took off while I lived in Rome. I would walk for hours taking photos of the beautiful cobble-stoned streets and architecture. Ever since then I have been shooting portraits professionally and working with brands across the US.

What I love about photography for dating profiles:

I believe that now, more than ever, there is a need to have a good presence online, and for that presence to be as accurate and well done as possible.

I always take my camera to gatherings with friends or just to meet someone for a coffee because that is when I have gotten some of my best portraits.

I really strive to make my subjects feel comfortable through humor. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin and I think I have a special talent to do so.

My favorite spot in San Diego for portraits:

I like this area because it is not the usual downtown setting and has a lot of cool little streets, coffee shops, book stores and more. I feel like the photos feel more genuine in this area as well.

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San Diego, California
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Shooting Location

We'll first meet at Holsem Coffee and make our way around the area.

Holsem Coffee, 2911 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

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