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Online Dating Photographer in Toronto, Canada.

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I'm a photographer and content creator based in Toronto, Ontario. I have skills on how work with a camera (both in front and behind). I am that friend who will pick a spot for its aesthetics and will tell you how to pose. I am also not afraid to squat on the ground so I can take the perfect angle.

Languages Spoken: 
English, Tagalog
Area of Town: 
Downtown Toronto

About my background:

I started my career in the creative industry as a blogger. It started with me posting my outfits and quickly evolved into getting invited to press previews and fashion shows. I was featured in major fashion magazines across Canada and began partnering with brands in the streetstyle space.

In 2019 I realized I enjoyed being behind the camera more, so jumped into photography (portraits and commercial) and fell in love with the craft. Now my goal is to connect people around the world with real, authentic lifestyle photography.

What I love about photography for dating profiles:

I take a lifestyle approach to photography, which is a mix between documentary and classic portraits.

I strive to get to know the people I photograph on a personal level, as this allows me to capture natural moments in a way that reflects who they are while also carefully considering the composition of each image.

Focusing on a person's emotions and details, I work to create a gallery of images that have a timeless appeal.

My favourite spot to shoot in Toronto:

I love shooting near the St Lawrence Market because it offers the perfect mix of: 

😍 Fantastic architecture, scenery and backdrops
☕️ Lots of trendy coffee shops nearby
📍 Walking distance to Downtown, Waterfront and Distillery District

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Recent Reviews
September 19, 2022
Toronto, Ontario

Very easy to work with. Just from a preview of the shots, they were brilliant.

Very fun
September 5, 2022
Mississauga, ON

"Tiffany was great! Super fun to work with and was very efficient with the entire process."

August 31, 2022
Pickering, Ontario

"Five stars. Thank you!"

Very fun to work with.
July 24, 2022
Mississauga, Ontario

Very fun to work with! Definitely liked her vibe!

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Shooting Location

We'll meet at Balzac's on Market Street and work our way around the neighbourhood!

Balzac's Market Street, 10 Market St., Old Toronto, Toronto, ON M5E 1M6, Canada

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