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Online Dating Photographer in Burnaby, BC.

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I'm a local portrait photographer from Burnaby who's been in the arts his whole life - music, dance and photography.

Languages Spoken: 
English, Japanese
Area of Town: 
Metrotown Area

About my background:

I started out as a landscape photographer. Landscapes, astrophotography and cityscapes was what got me into photography. I transitioned into doing portraits in 2017 and haven't looked back.

What I love about photography for dating profiles:

Being able to bring out the best in someone is very rewarding. A good portrait can make people happy, comfortable and confident in themselves. I find that amazing. My goal is to be able to help people connect with others through my photography.

Favourite spot for portraits:

Metrotown has the perfect blend of Urban cityscapes, Parks and nature background and corporate setting. It's the perfect place to get everything from a lifestyle shoot, an outdoor nature shoot, and even a corporate headshot.

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Customer Reviews
Blown away

"Okay, wow. Kinda blown away at how easy this whole experience was. Yoshi made me feel at-ease and comfortable in my own skin. I hate photos of myself but somehow he managed to deliver an entire gallery of bangers. The difference in the quality of matches I'm getting now is night and day."

Anurag S.
Yoshi was a pro!

"Yoshi was a pro at leading the whole shoot. Like many others this was my first photoshoot and he was fantastic at guiding all the poses and angles. Overall it was an amazing experience. I loved the photoshoot as well as the end results. The only thing that was a hassle was getting the final photoshoot date settled but that was purely due to poor Vancouver weather and not anyone's fault."

Matthew C.
Fantastic experience.

"Yoshi made me feel super comfortable and confident quickly. He provided great recommendations to make the photos look natural and less staged. Overall a fantastic experience."

Jourdain C.
Burnaby, British Columbia
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Shooting Location

We'll meet at Metrotown and work our way around the surrounding areas.

6200 McKay Ave #120, Burnaby, BC V5H 4L7

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