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Get stunning portraits for your online dating profiles. It's the easiest way to stand out and get more matches on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OK Cupid and Match.com.

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Best photos for online dating Tinder
"After using the new photos I'm getting roughly 10x more matches every single day. I'm blown away."

- Matt, 29, Long Beach, California



photography for dating profiles

Online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge focus heavily on the visual aspect of dating. We specialize in capturing photos that are candid, authentic and true to you. They're designed specifically to highlight your confidence and grab people's attention in dating apps.

Why hire an online dating photographer?

Because every online dating app prioritizes photos as the main deciding factor for matching. You could look like Brad Pitt in real life, but if your photos suck, you're not going to be connecting with many people.

Most people don't have great photos of themselves. So we scrap together whatever old photos we can find and hope for the best. We know these awkward selfies don't do us justice, but it's all we have.

An online dating photographer will help showcase all the great things you bring to the table. They'll show off your charisma, confidence and personality. The'll find all your best angles, help you look natural and deliver stunning photos that will stop people in their tracks.

Is this service right for me? 

Do you feel like you're getting the matches you deserve? Do you find yourself endlessly swiping and only getting a few matches each day? 

We work with men and women of all ages, orientations and backgrounds. And while we think everyone could benefit from having great photos of themselves, there's a few areas where photos can really make a difference:

  • Recently single or divorced: We get it. The last 5 years of your life were spent with your ex, so every photo has them in it. You're getting back into shape, trying new things, but your photos are old and tired. We can help you.
  • Brand new to online dating: This feels like a whole new world. Where do you even begin? Don’t sweat it - it’s not as complicated or scary as you think. We can show you the ropes and make sure your profile is set up for success.
  • You're super career focused: You have your shit together and are building a life that you're proud of. You're not spending your days snapping instagram photos with friends. You don't have time, desire or patience to take the perfect selfie.

Do you provide any other dating services?

Bio Copywriting: The right bio can make or break your profile. That's why we've partnered with a professional copywriter to write an original, witty, custom-tailored bio based on your unique personality and goals.
* Included in Pro and All-Star packages

Relationship Coaching: 
Having the right mindset is key when dating. That's why we've partnered with Kimberly Hill (a stellar dating & relationship coach) to offer a complimentary 45-minute Zoom session for our clients. Kimberly works with professional men who are single and wanting to get back into the dating scene, but are unsure where to start, and how to move forward with clarity.
* Included in All-Star package

Personal Stylist/Shopper:
 Want to make sure you're dressing to impress? A personal stylist can work with you (either in-person or over Zoom) to coordinate your outfits.
: This isn't something we currently offer in-house, but we can refer you to the right people.


authentic + data driven

Since starting in 2018, we've photographed over 200 clients. After 6 weeks, we collect data on what photos worked best (ie. poses, locations, outfits and editing styles). We then tweak our future photoshoots based on that data, which gives our clients even higher match ratios.

TL;DR: We're always learning and optimizing.

What style of photos do you take?

The best way we can describe our style is "lifestyle". It's natural. Authentic. Real. Genuine. Unstaged.

It's not supposed to look like you hired someone to take photos of you all day... It should look like were out on the town, enjoying yourself, looking your best and one of your friends just happened to snap a photo with their fancy camera.

We treat our clients like friends during the shoot. We get you to laugh, open up and not take yourself too seriously. This natural laughter helps the photos look authentic and less staged.

We also let you change outfits during the shoot, giving you multiple different "looks". We then pair those with different backdrops so the photos don't look like they were taken all on the same day.

What are the best photos for online dating?

After all our research we've developed a recipe that produces high-impact dating profile photos. It's not rocket science, but here's the secret sauce:

  1. Your photos must be believable & authentic. No heavy filters or touch-ups. No external lights, flashes, studios or soft boxes. You're not going to stand in front of some fancy car and flex.
  2. You have to laugh & smile. In almost every test we've ever performed, the smiling photos typically perform 2x better. That's why we aim to have a LOT of fun on our shoots and make sure you're laughing and smiling naturally.
  3. You have to show confidence & charisma. Nothing is more attractive than these two elements combined. We'll coach you through the proper body language to help you communicate this naturally.

Basically, people just want to see that you're a good, trustworthy person with hobbies, a career and a life. 

We'll find all of your best angles and photograph you looking your very best. Your photos will showcase all of your best attributes, while highlighting your charm, personality and confidence.

How do you know which photos work best?

We've worked with well over 300 clients since 2018. In this time, we've learned a LOT about what works (and what doesn't). We continuously try to improve our understanding of effective dating photography, including:

  • Conducting local surveys from both men and women
  • Asking people to swipe & walk us through their process
  • Using sites like Photofeeler to test photos
  • Hiring panels of people to vote on photos

Dating apps don't have built-in analytics, so we've built a custom testing framework that shows our how to accurately test/measure the performance of their photos, allowing them to see which photos work best for them.

After 6 weeks we follow up to learn what worked (and what didn't). This helps us better understand trends and seasonality data. It also helps us fine-tune our approach, allowing future clients to benefit from the learnings.

Best photos for online dating men
We know all the best spots in LA. 📍

We know all the best spots in LA. 📍

Backdrops that stand out

Dating in LA can kinda suck, but it doesn't have to. Our goal is to level the playing field and make sure everyone has a fair chance at love.

What locations do you shoot at?

There's so many amazing places to take portraits in LA, but we've found some of the absolute best places in town, including spots in East LA, Downtown and Santa Monica.

Since your shoot is roughly an hour long, you need to make sure the location we shoot has enough variety of backdrops/scenery to make it look like the photos were all taken on different days.

The locations we've chosen have a good mix of urban, city, street, cultural and business backdrops all within a 6 block radius to maximize your shoot.

What if I've never had a photoshoot before?

Don't sweat it! For 90% of our clients this is their very first photoshoot ever. Because of this, we've taken extra steps to ensure you are well prepared and comfortable for your shoot, including: 

  • We send you onboarding emails that cover what to expect, poses, etc.
  • We give recommendations on what to wear and bring
  • We coach you through the shoot, teaching you how to laugh and smile naturally
  • We put you in realistic poses (ie. not super artsy or awkward). Can you stand up, hold a cup of coffee and look away from the camera? If so, you'll be a natural!
  • We give you real-time feedback of how to look more real and authentic

We're experts at working with beginners. In fact, most clients end up telling us how much fun they had on their shoot. We also routinely get clients who re-book with us simply because they enjoyed the first experience so much.

Bottom line? You're in good hands.

Do you offer any other dating services?

  • Bio Copywriting // Our professional copywriter will create a 100% custom bio that you can use on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. It will be unique, witty and act as a conversation starter. *Included in Pro and All-Star Packages.
  • Relationship Coaching // We've partnered with a phenomenal dating coach that will work with you to develop a healthy mindset on dating, love and relationships. *Included in the All-Star Package.

Use them on all your online profiles. 📱

instaworthy photos

Get the most out of your shoot. You get unlimited usage rights, which means you can use your photos on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or your own website.

See how it works
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How it works

We've made the process as simple as possible. After signing up you'll get a series of emails that show you what to wear, how to pose, what to expect and more. You'll get confirmation on your dates, times & locations including reminder emails.

1. Choose your date

Choose your photographer and pick a date/time from the calendar. We'll follow up to confirm the location.

2. Get photographed

Don't worry if this is your first shoot, we're experts with beginners. We'll coach you through the whole thing.

3. Download your photos

We pick the best photos, edit them (colour, blemishes, etc.) then deliver them in a private online gallery.

What our clients say 💬

We're thrilled to have worked directly with over 300+ happy customers so far.

"The entire experience from start to finish was top-notch.

They sent me emails with tips and advice about what to wear, how to pose, etc. They were super knowledgable during the shoot and guided me through the whole thing.

It's extra hard meeting people during COVID so this came at just the right time. The photos have made a massive difference. Honestly, this might sound kinda lame, but this was one of my top 3 experiences of 2020."

Terry, 35

Santa Monica, CA
Quick Turnaround

The whole process usually takes less than a week.

Online Scheduling

Pick a date/time for your shoot that fits your schedule.

Use Anywhere

Your photos will look good on any web/social platforms.

Privacy Guaranteed

We can ensure your session is totally confidential.

Packages for every budget.

Optimize your photos - or your entire online dating experience.

Enough to get you started.
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Our most popular package.
15 Edited Photos
60 Minute Session
3 Outfit Changes
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Our all-inclusive package.
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Still have questions?

We're here to help. 🙋🏻

We understand that this is a fairly new concept, but don't worry - we're here to help you every step of the way. We've answered a few common questions below, but if you want a full breakdown on our process, check out our FAQ page (below).

Is it difficult to date in LA?

This totally depends on who you ask, but there are certain elements of Los Angeles that make dating even more difficult than other major cities.

  1. Everything is really spread out. Sitting in an uber for an hour to chat over cocktails at Seven Grand is less than ideal. Other cities, like New York, is tightly packed and accessible by foot or transit.
  2. Unrealistic Expectations. The pressure to keep up appearances is stronger in Hollywood Hills than other major cities. This can be physically and emotionally draining.

With all of that being said there are a number of reasons that LA is a fantastic city to date in, including: 

  • Phenomenal weather year round. In LA you don't have to trek through ice and snow to meet your date (like in NYC), or drown in never-ending rain (like in Seattle).
  • People are generally fun and outgoing. We're all about living life to the fullest. Surfing, hiking, biking, arts, culture, music.
  • So many good restaurants! We're spoiled for food in Los Angeles. From cheap taco trucks and Cronuts to food tours at the Grand Central Market.

What photos work best for Tinder in LA?

From our testing, the photos that tend to work best are shot outdoors with natural light. They're not studio photos (ie. don't use actor headshots) that are known for being a little too touched-up. They're more organic, fun and lifestyle.

When it comes to facial expressions, our testing shows us that a giant smile works best (onus points if you're actually laughing in the photo). Guys always tend to want to look badass, but there's something magnetic about a real, confident smile - and our testing results agree.

Do you have any recommendations in LA?

There's so many great restaurants, cafes and service providers that can make dating in LA just a little bit easier. We'll list some of our favorites below.


Our Favorite Cafe for a Coffee Date

Our favorite cozy cafe for a coffee date is definitely Verve Coffee Roasters. They're known for their modern wood interiors, gorgeous plant walls and ambient lighting. They're also located all around town, with locations in the Arts District, Melrose Avenue, West 3rd, Spring Street and Manhattan Beach.

Our Favorite Cocktail Bar

Death & Co. Don't let the name fool you, this cocktail bar in the Arts District is always lively. This cocktail bar originated in NYC which you can probably tell from it's dimly lit ambient interior (it looks like it's straight out of a Master of None episode). This is the perfect spot for a late night date. Try their old fashioned paired with a tasty seasonal appetizer.

Our Favorite Barbershop

Manly & Sons. When clients want to get a fresh shave the day before a shoot, we always point them here. The classic traditional barbershop offers a friendly vibe, extremely talented barbers and unparalleled service. They have locations in DTLA, Venice and Echo Park.

Our Favorite Personal Stylist

We've heard nothing but good things about STYLELAB. The founders, Brittney & Ali, have a great track-record when it comes to styling men and women in the LA area. They also have a variety of packages ranging from virtual styling to in-person shopping.

Our Favorite Dating Coach

Okay, we're cheating a little bit here. Kimberly Hill is actually located in Vancouver, but she's an international dating and relationship coach who supports men to attract and keep healthy, loving relationships.She will find out what truly moves you and get you the results you're looking for when it comes to dating, relationships and love. We like her so much that we've partnered with her to offer our clients a free 45-minute consultation with her (*included in the All-Star package only).