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Photography for Online Dating Profiles in New York.

We specialize in stunning profile photos for dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Located in the heart of NYC, our dating photographers will help you get the best possible photos for your online dating profiles.

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Dating Headshots in New York City
"As soon as I updated my Tinder photos my match-rate nearly tripled."

- Trevon T, 33

Photography for Online Dating in NYC. 📸

Photography for Online Dating in NYC. 📸

photography for ONLINE DATING

Introducing a data-backed way to improve your online dating profiles. We combine professional dating photography, copywriting and coaching to build you a high-converting dating profile that's optimized for matches in New York City.

Your photos will be stunning, eye-catching and highly effective. Your bio will be custom crafted for a high-response rate. And your dating experience in New York will never be the same.

Why hire an online dating photographer?

Because every online dating app prioritizes photos as the main deciding factor for matching. You could look like Brad Pitt in real life, but if your photos suck, you're not going to be connecting with many people.

Most people don't have great photos of themselves. So we scrap together whatever old photos we can find and hope for the best. We know these awkward selfies don't do us justice, but it's all we have.

An online dating photographer will help showcase all the great things you bring to the table. They'll show off your charisma, confidence and personality. The'll find all your best angles, help you look natural and deliver stunning photos that will stop people in their tracks.

Is this service right for me? 

Do you feel like you're getting the matches you deserve? Do you find yourself endlessly swiping and only getting a few matches each day? 

We work with men and women of all ages, orientations and backgrounds. And while we think everyone could benefit from having great photos of themselves, there's a few areas where photos can really make a difference:

  • Recently single or divorced: We get it. The last 5 years of your life were spent with your ex, so every photo has them in it. You're getting back into shape, trying new things, but your photos are old and tired. We can help you.
  • Brand new to online dating: This feels like a whole new world. Where do you even begin? Don’t sweat it - it’s not as complicated or scary as you think. We can show you the ropes and make sure your profile is set up for success.
  • You're super career focused: You have your shit together and are building a life that you're proud of. You're not spending your days snapping instagram photos with friends. You don't have time, desire or patience to take the perfect selfie.

Do you offer other dating services?

Bio Copywriting: The right bio can make or break your profile. That's why we've partnered with a professional copywriter to write an original, witty, custom-tailored bio based on your unique personality and goals.
* Included in Pro and All-Star packages

Personal Stylist/Shopper:
 Want to make sure you're dressing to impress? A personal stylist can work with you (either in-person or over Zoom) to coordinate your outfits.
: This isn't something we currently offer in-house, but we can refer you to the right people.

The best photos for Tinder in New York. 🏆

authenticity + data = Results

We’re data-driven photographers in NYC who aren't just trying to "take a good photo". We're in business to get you results. We're always adapting and improving our approach by measuring what’s working with our existing clients in the New York area.

We combine this data with authenticity. We capture your unique personality to create data-driven, authentic photos that are specifically designed to increase your matches on dating apps.

What style of photos do you take?

The best way we can describe our style is "lifestyle". It's natural. Authentic. Real. Genuine. Unstaged.

It's not supposed to look like you hired someone to take photos of you all day... It should look like were out on the town, enjoying yourself, looking your best and one of your friends just happened to snap a photo with their fancy camera.

We treat our clients like friends during the shoot. We get you to laugh, open up and not take yourself too seriously. This natural laughter helps the photos look authentic and less staged.

We also let you change outfits during the shoot, giving you multiple different "looks". We then pair those with different backdrops so the photos don't look like they were taken all on the same day.

What are the best photos for Tinder?

After all our research we've developed a recipe that produces high-impact dating profile photos. It's not rocket science, but here's the secret sauce:

  1. Your photos must be believable & authentic. No heavy filters or touch-ups. No external lights, flashes, studios or soft boxes. You're not going to stand in front of some fancy car and flex.
  2. You have to laugh & smile. In almost every test we've ever performed, the smiling photos typically perform 2x better. That's why we aim to have a LOT of fun on our shoots and make sure you're laughing and smiling naturally.
  3. You have to show confidence & charisma. Nothing is more attractive than these two elements combined. We'll coach you through the proper body language to help you communicate this naturally.

Basically, people just want to see that you're a good, trustworthy person with hobbies, a career and a life. 

We'll find all of your best angles and photograph you looking your very best. Your photos will showcase all of your best attributes, while highlighting your charm, personality and confidence.

How do you measure results?

We've worked with well over 300 clients since 2018. In this time, we've learned a LOT about what works (and what doesn't). We continuously try to improve our understanding of effective dating photography, including:

  • Conducting local surveys from both men and women
  • Asking people to swipe & walk us through their process
  • Using sites like Photofeeler to test photos
  • Hiring panels of people to vote on photos

Dating apps don't have built-in analytics, so we've built a custom testing framework that shows our how to accurately test/measure the performance of their photos, allowing them to see which photos work best for them.

After 6 weeks we follow up to learn what worked (and what didn't). This helps us better understand trends and seasonality data. It also helps us fine-tune our approach, allowing future clients to benefit from the learnings.

The best photos for Tinder in New York. 🏆
Professional NYC Dating Photographers.
New York, NY

Professional NYC Dating Photographers.

Imagine having a new and improved dating profile that highlights all your best attributes. Stunning profile pics that show off your eyes, charisma and cheeky smile. A new dating bio that's smart, witty and original.

Not only can this vastly improve how many people you match with, but it will boost your self-confidence as well. By the time you'er done working with us, you're going to love dating in New York again.

Do you shoot in Jersey, Newark, Brooklyn, Queens, etc.?

All of our photoshoots take place in Lower Manhattan, specifically near Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park.

We absolutely love this part of New York for portrait photography. We've learned this location inside and out to ensure consistent results each and every time. We know exactly what the light will be light at different times in the day, and we also know where to go if it starts raining.

Greenwich Village has TONS of variety in such a small radius, including unique coffee shops, incredible architecture, greenery, character buildings, graffiti and so much more. This way we can pack a number of unique looks into a single session; every clients' photos are guaranteed to be unique.

Washington Square Park will be our starting point. From there we might head over to Stumptown Coffee Roasters on W 8th for some urban "on-the-go" style street shots. After that we might head over to the endless trees at LaGuradia Corner Gardens to add some color into your backdrops. Depending on the look you're going for, we could also incorporate some up-scale vibes (in front of world-class restaurants like Le Coucou) or end the shoot overlooking the water at the Hudson River Greenway.

No matter what vibe you're going for, the sky is the limit for capturing epic dating photos in NYC.

What should I bring to my shoot?

We recommend bringing a few changes of clothes with you in a duffel bag so we can switch up your look throughout the shoot. With the Pro and All-Star packages, you get three outfits total. So we'll photograph you in the outfit that you'll arrive in, then you'll do two outfit changes during your session.

We recommend bringing a few different outfits: 
  1. Date Night
    If you were going on a date in Manhattan tomorrow, chances are you know exactly what you're going to wear. Maybe a button-up shirt, your favorite pair of chinos and a jacket? This is going to look different for everyone, but this is the one outfit you should plan to do the majority of shooting in.
  2. Casual Saturday
    Some of the photos that seem to work best for our clients on Tinder are the casual pics. These are the photos were our clients typically feel like they're themselves; confident in their own skin. Bring a T-shirt or Henley, pair of jeans/khakis and your favorite sneakers. Basically whatever you would wear to meet up with your friends for beers at The Junction.
  3. Wild Card
    You can have fun with this last outfit. For some people, they have a favorite hobby (like guitar, yoga, gym, juggling, etc.). For others, they might have a really interesting career that they want to incorporate into their shoot (ie. being nomadic and working from a laptop at a coffee shop, or dressing up in a suit and tie).

    If we can work it into your shoot without it looking too forced/cheesy, we'll do it. For example, if you're in really good shape you might think a photo of you posing in a tank-top would do well. Unfortunately, this is going to look "try hard" and could probably backfire (especially in a city like New York).

    Instead, we'd get a photo of you in a tighter t-shirt, with your gym bag over your shoulder, walking through an alleyway confidently smiling. This shows that you're really into fitness without being overly obvious about it.

Where will we do outfit changes?

Luckily there's no shortage of local cafes and coffee shops we can use to do quick outfit changes.

We just hop in, order a drink (which we'll also use as a prop!) and you'll use the restroom for a quick outfit change.

And don't worry, we know where the cleanest restrooms are in NYC. 😉

Build your personal brand in NYC (and beyond)

instaworthy photos

Get the most out of your new profile photos and use them on other online platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Having a cohesive personal brand not only helps you stand out locally in

New York

, but it also helps you build better connections online, too.

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Book a Dating Photographer in the New York area.

We've made the process of booking a photographer in the

New York

area super simple with our online booking system.

1. Choose your date

Choose a date & time from our up-to-date calendar. We'll follow up with you within 1 business day to confirm your booking.

2. Get photographed

Don't worry if this is your first shoot; we're experts at working with beginners. We'll coach you through the whole thing.

3. Download photos & bio

We pick & edit the best photos and deliver them in a private gallery with your bio, implementation guides & more.

💬 Client Testimonials

Since launching in 2018 we've worked with a number of incredible clients in the

New York


"As I mentioned during our shoot, I've spent hundreds of dollars on Tinder Gold and always had mixed results. I didn't actually want to spend any more money on dating but I took the leap based on a friends' recommendation and hired you guys.

Here's a quick update: First day with the new profile: 50+ matches (and still going). Girls are messaging ME first and being flirty with their responses. Conversations no longer feel like I'm pulling teeth.

This changes the whole dynamic of online dating. I will sing your praises to everyone that will listen to me lol. Y'all have restored my faith in humanity. 🙏 "

Cody M, 26

Dating Profile Packages in

Quick Turnaround

The whole process usually takes less than a week.

Online Scheduling

Pick a date/time for your shoot that fits your schedule.

Use Anywhere

Your photos will look good on any web/social platforms.

Privacy Guaranteed

We can ensure your session is totally confidential.

New York Dating Photography Pricing

We offer flexible dating profile packages for the 

New York, NY

 area. Whether you want to optimize a little (or a lot), our goal is to give you some of the best dating profile pics in



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📸 Meet Your 


Hi, I'm
Location Pin
NoHo, New York City
New York
Hi there! I'm Cayla, an online photographer based out of New York City.

I've had a camera in my hands ever since I can remember. I studied broadcasting in college and have been a videographer/photographer professionally in NYC for about 4 years now. Photography is such a passion for me, it never feels like a job at all!

📖 About Me

I've had a camera in my hands ever since I can remember. I studied broadcasting in college and have been a videographer/photographer professionally in NYC for about 4 years now. Photography is such a passion for me, it never feels like a job at all!

What I love about this job 📸

My favorite thing about portrait photography in general is getting the chance to capture someone's authentic self. I work with many beginners in front of the camera and it is so amazing to see someone's confidence grow from a photoshoot.

Having a favorite photo of yourself, where you feel the most you, is something that everyone deserves to have! I make sure our photo session is as stress-free as possible, coaching you through poses and expressions to look effortlessly your best.

Where will we be shooting 📍

Maman Cafe, 67 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

The NoHo area is PERFECT for dating portraits. There's so many different backdrops, street styles, all around this area - central location, easy to get to. From here, we can venture to towards west village for many more cool spots!

Questions about online dating photography in NYC.
Still have questions?

Questions about online dating photography in NYC.

We understand that this is a fairly new concept, but don't worry - our team is here to help you every step of the way! We've answered a few common questions below, but if you want a full breakdown on our process, check out our FAQ page (below).

Should I hire a photographer for my dating profile?

Photos are the most important part of your dating profile; low-quality photos will result in low-quality matches. So hiring a New York based dating profile photographer is one of the best things you can do to improve your experience with online dating. If you’re not seeing the results you deserve, it might be time to up your game and get a high-converting profile that works for you.

What are the best photos for Tinder in NYC?

We’ve tested countless photos to see what works best for Tinder in New York. Our data shows that candid, outdoor, lifestyle photos with minimal editing work best for online dating. We will photograph you to highlight your confidence, charisma and personality. Your photos will be unique, authentic and eye-catching on all the online dating apps.

But what if I'm not photogenic?

We're going to change how you see yourself. Everyone has a good side - you just haven't worked with a photographer who is dedicated to finding yours. Our "superpower" is being able to consistently break people out of their shells and make them laugh. We're known for our ability to make regular people look phenomenal on-camera.