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Get more matches with better photos

Professional photography for your online dating profiles. It's the easiest way to improve your success and get more matches on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OK Cupid and Match.com.
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"I went from getting 1-2 matches per day to 20+. I'm honestly stunned."
- Josiah K, Vancouver BC

Our Mission 🚀

Let's face it - dating in Vancouver is tough, especially when apps like Tinder focus primarily on how you look. The simple reality is that good photos are essential for success, and they need to be on par (or better) than the competition.

The problem? Most people don't have great photos of themselves.

So our goal was simple - to use our backgrounds in photography, branding and marketing to capture premium portraits of awesome people so they can have better results with online dating.

The results were better than we ever imagined.

Our clients typically see a major improvement in both the quality and quantity of their matches starting on day one. Your photos will be stunning, authentic, charming and best of all... effective.


Before we start shooting, we try to learn everything we can about you so we better understand what we should focus on. From your eyes to your cheeky smile, we'll find all your best angles and showcase them in a really unique way that highlights all your major attributes.

We're experts at finding your good side (everyone has one).

We also analyze the results of our previous clients to better understand what works and what doesn't (ex. poses, locations, editing styles). This data allows us to fine-tune our approach so we can get better results for all of our future clients.

See what our clients say

Optimize all OF your online profiles. 📱

Our Tinder Photographer will optimize your photos for dating profiles, but you're free to use them on any platform you choose.

Your photos will consist of a mix of candid photos and headshots, so you can use these photos to build your personal brand online, too!

See what our clients say

What our clients say 💬

20+ Matches/day

I went from getting 1-2 matches per day, to 20+. I'm stunned.

Josiah, 24, Vancouver
I use these everywhere

When I saw the photos from our shoot, I felt like a brand new person. I'm using these photos everywhere from now on.

Matti, 33, Surrey
100% Worth It

Thought my photos were fine, but my god... The guys I'm matching with now are on a whole other level! 100% worth it.

Helena, 36, Burnaby

How it works

1. Book your Shoot

Select a date/time that fits your schedule. We'll pick an awesome location in Vancouver and give you advice about what to wear.

2. Get photographed

We're experts at finding your good side (trust us, everyone has a good side). We'll capture photos that are unique, eye-catching and true to you.

3. Download your faves

You'll have a collection of stunning portraits to choose from. Use them on your Tinder profile and watch the new matches roll in.

Prices for every budget

Just enough to get you started.
5 Edited Photos
30 Minute Session
1 Outfit
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Everything you need to succeed.
15 Edited Photos
60 Minute Session
3 Outfit Changes
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Our most premium option.
25 Edited Photos
90 Minute Session
3 Outfit Changes
1 Custom Bio 🔥
1 Video Loop 🔥
Panel Selection🔥
All Raw Files 🔥
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Privacy Guaranteed

You retain all of the rights to the photos we take.

Simple online scheduling

We've made it super easy to book a shoot that fits your schedule.

Super quick turnaround

Your photos will be delivered in less than a week.

Use them everywhere

Yep - your photos will look great on your instagram, too.


Since launching in 2018, we've helped hundreds of people overhaul their dating profiles. Demand has been crazy, so we're currently booked until February 2020 (just in time for Valentine's day).

Interested? Book your spot now while we still have a few openings left!
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