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Professional photography in Vancouver, BC for your online dating profiles. It's the easiest way to supercharge your profile and get more matches on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OK Cupid and Match.com.
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"I went from getting 1-2 matches per day to 20+. I'm honestly stunned."
- Marion K, Vancouver BC

photos will make or break your profile. 😬

There's no other way to put this...

Let's face it - dating in Vancouver is tough, especially when dating apps like Tinder focus mostly on the visual side of things. Unfortunately, most people don't have recent photos of themselves that show off their charm, charisma and confidence. We decided to change all that.

How can better photos help me with dating?

There's a really good chance that the only thing stopping you from matching with more people is your photos.

You don't need to look like Ryan Gosling or Kendall Jenner to match with amazing people. You just need photos that reflect the awesome person that you really are.

Your photos should be recent, flattering and communicate parts of your personality like confidence, charisma and humour. They should also be visually stunning to stop people in their tracks when swiping.

Most clients we work with see an immediate increase in both the quantity and quality of their matches.

What style of photos do you actually take?

The style we're best known for can be described as candid, authentic and lifestyle. Almost as if we were photographing you for a blog post.

We make it look like you just happened to be out on the town, looking your best, feeling yourself, laughing, vibing, confident... and one of your friends just happened to capture the moment with their $6000 camera.

Your new photos will be edited for tone, colour and style. You'll look fantastic; insta-worthy even! Just not in a lame "I paid someone to do this" way.


Real Vancity Data

We've worked with hundreds of clients since 2018. We're constantly learning more about what works and what doesn't in Vancouver (ex. poses, locations, editing styles). This data allows us to fine-tune our approach so we can get even better results for our future clients.

How do you know what works on Tinder?

1) We asked people to swipe in front of us.

The first thing we did was hire a panel of people from all different ages, races and backgrounds to walk us through how they make their swiping decisions.

2) We measure real data from actual clients.

Each client gets a testing & optimization framework that walks them through how to properly test their photos. After 6 weeks we follow up with each client to review their results and see what photos worked best.

3) We test on sites like PhotoFeeler.com.

Finally, we put our strategy to the test and upload photos to sites like PhotoFeeler.com to get feedback from the community.

Where do the photoshoots take place?

90% of our photoshoots are outdoors.

Typical studio sessions don't work nearly as well as outdoor sessions. It's super difficult to make studio sessions not look staged.

We choose specific locations around town (like Gastown) that feature a beautiful variety of backdrops to make it look like your photos were all shot on different days.

Stylish indoor rentals work, too.

Occasionally our clients want to go the extra mile and book a stylish indoor space from sites like ThisOpenSpace.com. This ensures their shoot date won't get rained out (after all, we are in Vancouver).

These photos work really great as well since they'll still look authentic and candid... but it isan extra charge and totally not necessary to get great results.

Optimize all your online profiles. 📱

Hello, Instaworthy photos

Get the most out of your photo shoot and use your photos on multiple platforms (like Instagram, LinkedIn and your own website) to build a personal brand that stands out online.

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What our clients say 💬

We've received countless success stories from clients about meeting the love of their lives, getting into happy relationships and even getting engaged to be married.

20+ Matches/day

I went from getting 1-2 matches per day, to 20+. I'm stunned.

Marion, 24, Vancouver
100% Worth It

Thought my photos were fine, but my god... The guys I'm matching with now are on a whole other level!

Helena, 36, Burnaby
I use these everywhere

When I saw the photos from our shoot, I felt like a brand new person. I'm using these photos everywhere from now on.

Matti, 33, Surrey

How it works

1. Book your shoot

Select a date/time that fits your schedule. We'll pick an awesome location in Vancouver and give you advice about what to wear.

2. Get photographed

We're experts at finding your good side (trust us, everyone has a good side). We'll capture photos that are unique, eye-catching and true to you.

3. Download your photos

You'll have a collection of stunning portraits to choose from. Use them on your Tinder profile and watch the new matches roll in.

Prices for every budget

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5 Edited Photos
30 Minute Session
1 Outfit
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15 Edited Photos
60 Minute Session
3 Outfit Changes
1 Custom Bio 🔥
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Our all-inclusive package.
30 Edited Photos
90 Minute Session
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Most shoots are edited and delivered in less than a week.

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